Pixie Dust Coffee Tumbler - Tinker Bell Coffee Tumbler

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Pixie Dust Coffee Tumbler
TinkerBell Coffee Tumbler

If faith, trust and pixie dust isn't enough, then you need to add coffee and this TinkerBell Coffee Tumbler is perfect for every morning. Coffee Tumbler is permanently laser engraved into the matte powder coat layer with a beautiful stainless steel design. TinkerBell Coffee Tumbler will keep coffee and tea twice as hot as plastic travel tumblers. 

This TinkerBell Coffee Tumbler comes with a clear lid with a rubber grip, but you can upgrade to a slider lid that opens and closes to prevent coffee from spilling and help to retain heat even more.

Personalize with a name laser engraved on the back of this TinkerBell Coffee Tumbler and you're all set.

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