Margarita Monday Cocktail Tumbler

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Margarita Monday Laser Engraved Cocktail Tumbler

Would you look at that? It's Margarita Monday! This Margarita Monday Cocktail Tumbler is the perfect laser engraved tumbler for your margarita. Enjoy a margarita on the rocks or blended in this Margarita Monday cocktail tumbler. This fun design is laser engraved, meaning it's permanent and not going anywhere. The laser engraving removes the powder coat layer revealing a shiny stainless steel design.

We know you like your Margarita Monday cocktail cold and this double-walled vacuum sealed cocktail tumbler will do just that - keeping your drink 2x as cold as other travel tumblers. Just don't put it in the freezer and make sure to remember to wash by hand and avoid the microwave. 

The standard lid is included and has a hole, perfect for a straw to sip your margarita  out of the Margarita Monday Laser Engraved Cocktail Tumbler. 

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