I'm Not Drunk, You're Just Blurry - Engraved Can Drink Holder

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I'm Not Drunk, You're Just BLURRY
Engraved Can Drink Holder

Of course, you're not drunk. This Engraved Can Drink Holder keeps slim cans cold so you can drink until everyone else turns blurry. 

Unlike your hangover, which is only temporary, this Engraved Can Drink Holder design is permanent because it's laser engraved and won't go away. 

Available in an assortment of fun colors, these Engraved Can Drink Holders are vacuum-sealed and double-insulated to keep your drinks cold for hours. 

Featuring a rubber top that unscrews so you can put your slim can beverage in and then twists back on to secure your favorite slim can drink, these Engraved Can Drink Holders aren't blurry, you are.

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