Señorita Needs a Margarita Cocktail Tumbler

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Señorita Needs a Margarita Laser Engraved Cocktail Tumbler

Hola Señorita! You need a cocktail! Or you know somebody that needs a cocktail. Most likely someone in your señorita gang. This Señorita Needs a Margarita cocktail tumbler is perfect as a Margarita Monday tumbler or any day that ends in Y. The perfect summer drink in the perfect laser engraved cocktail tumbler to keep your margarita cold on those hot days. 

These cocktail tumblers are laser engraved, which means the Señorita Needs a Margarita design is permanent. It will never wear off! The laser engraving removes the powder coated layer revealing the stainless steel finish beneath. This cocktail tumbler is double-walled and vacuum sealed, designed to keep your cold drinks COLD.

This laser engraved Señorita Needs a Margarita cocktail tumbler comes with a standard clear lid, with a hole for a straw.

Take care of this laser engraved cocktail tumbler by washing by hand, don't put it in the microwave and never put it in the freezer. 

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